The necessity of Ball Mill Jar and Grinding Ball

2016-03-18 16:38:26


Ball mill jar and grinding ball are accessories of ball mill machines.

The grinding sample is comminuted by high-energy impacts from grinding balls and friction between balls and the grinding jar wall. Minimum granularity of the final product can be as small as 0.1 micron.

We have eleven kinds of different ball mill jars. They are stainless steel jar,nylon jar,pu jar,pp jar,ptfe jar,hdpe jar,alumina jar,agate jar,zirconia jar,tungsten carbide jar and vacuum 304 stainless steel jar.

Stainless steel grinding ball,alumina ball,agate ball,zirconia ball and tungsten carbide ball are avaliable in our factory.

The ball mill jars are chosen according to the raw material.In order to prevent excessive abrasion, the hardness of the grinding jars used and the grinding balls are harder than the material to be ground and should not contaminate the raw material.Normally, grinding jars and grinding balls of the same material should be chosen.They must be ordered as accessories.